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Никогда не превышайте указанную рабочую нагрузку Внимание Copyright © 2017 YOKE Industrial Corp. All Rights Reserved. 4 Form code: TA 1411a Revision: 2014-05 www.dnvgl.com Page 1 of 4 © DNV GL 2014. DNV GL and the Horizon Graphic are trademarks of DNV GL AS. TYPE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE Certificate No: S-8059 File No: 911.53 Job Id: 262.1-016068-1 This is to certify: That the Lifting set for Offshore containers and Portable Offshore Units with type designation(s) Bolt Pin Anchor Shackles - Type DA-808 - Design Temperature -40°C Bolt Pin Anchor Shackles - Type DA-838 - Design Temperature -20°C Issued to Yoke Industrial Corp. Taichung , Taiwan is found to comply with DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Containers (2013) DNV Standard for Certification No. 2.7-3 Portable Offshore Units (2011) EN 12079-2 Offshore containers and associated lifting sets Part 2: Lifting sets Design, manufacture and marking EN 13889 Forged steel shackles for general lifting purposes - Dee shackles and Bow shackles - Grade 6 - Safety IMO/MSC Circular 860 Application : Grade 6 Shackles for Lifting Sets for Offshore Containers and Portable Offshore Units This Certificate is valid until 2019-06-30 .  Issued at Høvik on 2015-01-22 DNV GL local station: Kaohsiung Approval Engineer: Nina Thorvaldsen Moberg for DNV GL Inger-Helene Hals Head of Section This Certificate is subject to terms and conditions overleaf. Any significant change in design or construction may render this Certificate invalid. The validity date relates to the Type Approval Certificate and not to the approval of equipment/systems installed. If any person suffers loss or damage which is proven to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of the Society, then the Society shall pay compensation to such person for his proven direct loss or damage. However, the compensation shall not exceed an amount equal to ten times the fee charged for the service in question. The maximum compensation shall never exceed USD 2 million. In this provision the “Society” shall mean DNV GL AS as well as all its direct and indirect owners, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, agents and any other person or entity acting on behalf of DNV GL AS. Digitally Signed By: Hals, Inger-Helene Signing Date: 2015-02-12 Location: DNV GL Høvik, Norway Официальный дилер в РФ ООО "РуКрейнз" www.rucranes.ru