Компания МОКОТ поставляет захваты Terrier

6 Safe Lifting Absolute Safety Your safety and safe lifting is our number one priority. Make sure to read the below safe lifting instructions before using Terrier lifting clamps. Each product sheet gives extra information on safe lifting and specific application. • Always first read the manual before using a clamp for operating, application, safety, maintenance, inspection and warranty instructions • Lifting clamps are suitable for usage in normal atmospheric conditions (-40°C up to +100°C) unless stated otherwise • Never overload a clamp and prevent the jerking of loads • When loading always use the whole jaw depth • Never lift more than one plate at the same time • Always keep your distance during lifting and descending of a load • Prevent situations that anybody is under the load • Any welding to the clamp is forbidden, this can influence the hardness and toughness of the clamp Safe Vertical Lifting