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5 Specifications are subject to change 5 Years Warranty 5 Years Warranty - Tough Quality Guaranteed Terrier Lifting Clamps BV provides a 5 year extended warranty on its lifting clamps. The standard warranty is 1 year. This extended warranty is applicable to the original end user of the lifting clamps, only if the clamp has been inspected, checked and maintained by our instructions and by an official dealer. The extended warranty period of 5 years is valid from the date of purchase, and is liable to all conditions and terms stated in this document. Product Tracking Product model type, serial number, working load limit (WLL), jaw opening, CE mark and year of fabrication are permanently stamped on the body. Company name, logo and website address is communicated with a sticker. For the US a special ASME BTH-1 design category and service class sticker is added. Model, serial and order number, working load limit (WLL), jaw opening and testing date are included on the test certificate. A product manual with inspection schedule is delivered with every product. Conditions This extended warranty covers failures in the lifting clamp which are the consequences of production errors which occur during normal use. The warranty does not cover wear to components such as pivots, cam assemblies, lock springs, etc. Should there be failure within this guarantee period, the lifting clamp will be replaced or repaired. Please check the product manual for extra warranty coverage info. The producer is not responsible for incidental damage or damage due to wrong use of the lifting clamp as well as from violation of the guarantee manual. Safety Inspection Procedure All inspections and repairs must be written down in the maintenance diagram/log. The clamp must be inspected prior to usage. When the clamp is returned for maintenance inspection you must always provide the maintenance diagram/log. Defective Lifting Clamps When wear or damage is indicated, the following steps need to be taken immediately: 1. TAKE THE LIFTING CLAMP OUT OF USE 2. If failure is in question please note the date of failure of the lifting clamp. Try to recover the cause of the failure, for example, overload; wrong and/or carelessly use; not following procedures and measures; hoisting differing material other then indicated on clamp or stated in the user-manual; adapting and/or modifying of the Terrier clamp. These claims do not fall under the guarantee! To guarantee the safety of you and your colleagues, you are obligated to follow this procedure 3. Return your lifting clamp (with the maintenance history) to your authorised Terrier distributor. 4. If the lifting clamp has been revised / repaired by your distributor, you can safely use your clamp again. Please note this date in your maintenance chart (product manual). CERTIFICATE REKNOWN DISTRIBUTOR & REVISION CENTRE FOR: TERRIER LIFTING CLAMPS ACKNOWLEGEDFROMTERRIERLIFTINGCLAMPSTO: Date 01-01-2015 Signature - Signature - WillemSlaakweg /TerrierLiftingClampsBV Date 01-01-2015 Valid till : 31-12-2016 Distributor " @ , ( 9 : > ( 9 9 ( 5 ; @ " @ , ( 9 : > ( 9 9 ( 5 ; @