Компания МОКОТ поставляет захваты Terrier

43 Specifications are subject to change Spare Parts Service Spare Parts Service All spare parts are available either separately or as repair sets. Terrier spare parts sets come with a special discount. It is recommended when any parts are damaged to replace them straight away without taking any risk. When you order spare parts always indicate the: model, lifting capacity, jaw opening and serial number of the clamp as well as the required parts. A Cam assembly B Lock lever assembly C Lock spring D Cam pin E Pivot complete F Shackle pin G Lifting eye for TS, STS, MP model H Lifting eye for TSU, TSEU model I Linkage arr. TSMP, STSMP model J Link pin for MP model L Cam for FHX model M Cam pin for FHX model N Cam for FHSX model O Cam pin for FHSX model For every vertical clamps are revision sets & repair sets available. The repair sets contain: A: Cam assembly C: Lock spring D: Cam pin E: Pivot set The revision sets contain: A: Cam assembly B: Lock lever assembly C: Lock spring D: Cam pin E: Pivot complete Repair set