Компания МОКОТ поставляет захваты Terrier

4 Terrier Lifting Clamps Terrier Lifting Clamps and Equipment – Quality Clamps You Can Trust For more than 30 years Terrier is a worldwide known brand which stands for high quality lifting solutions and service. Terrier Lifting Clamps BV has six main values we stand for. Absolute Safety Terrier Lifting Clamps BV believes absolute safety and safe lifting is our number one priority. All our lifting clamps are tested on up to 2 times the Working Load Limit (WLL). Terrier lifting clamps are designed on a break factor of even 5 times the WLL. Each clamp has red signal colouring on the lifting eye and locking lever for extra safety and is supplied with a test certificate. When using Terrier clamps please make sure to read our safety instructions in the “Safe Lifting” section on page 6 and 7 and the supplied user manual. Guaranteed Tough Quality Made in Holland Terrier tough quality lifting clamps guarantee a high performance and a long operational life. They are maintenance-friendly and have “heavy duty” welded shell bodies. The lightweight and streamlined design make them easier to handle. Terrier lifting clamps meet all standards and requirements like: European Norm NEN 13155, American Norm ASME B30.20-2010, Australian Norm 4991 and European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC. Fast and Flexible Delivery and Service Terrier Lifting Clamps BV guarantees fast and flexible delivery of standard and even special lifting products. Terrier Lifting Clamps BV offers rapid, skilled and professional sales service and after-sales spare parts service. Next to this Terrier Lifting Clamps BV offers specific technical, sales and or instruction trainings upon request and given where needed. Modern Production, Innovation and Technical Know-how Terrier lifting clamps has a strong focus on innovation. We can help you with almost every special made clamp or lifting product. The production facilities for the production of Terrier lifting clamps is equipped with very modern machineries for efficient production on a constant high quality level. Engineering and technical know-how is on the highest level according to the latest industry standards and demands. 30 Years Worldwide Experience The Terrier Lifting Clamps BV team has more than 30 years of sales experience on a global level and has a highly experienced engineering and technical team. Terrier Lifting Clamps BV relies on and works with a strong and professional worldwide distributor network which ensures that the expected quality and service is guaranteed. Terrier Lifting Clamps BV is ISO 9001-2008 certified. Professional and Personal Contact Terrier Lifting Clamps BV is proud of her no-nonsense personal and professional contact and makes sure you will always get the highest service expected. You can find us through a Terrier distributor, call us or check our website.