Скобы Gunnebo для наводных и подвохных работ от МОКОТ

The Gunnebo Industries ROV Retrieve Shackle is designed for smooth and easy use in retrieving and releasing subsea lifting and rigging operations. It has no loose parts, in closed or opened position, and there is therefore no need for wires or monkey fists that will risk snagging or getting in the way. The high visibility handles are close-die forged and has double safety functions - shark tooth locking with indicator that will show if the shackle is in open or locked position as well as the spring loaded handle. The handle is the same size, regardless of size of shackle. The Gunnebo Industries ROV Retrieve Shackle no. 861 is an easy to operate shackle, saving valuable time and money. Tapered bolt end for easy attachment Indicator for open and closed position ”Shark tooth” locking The V-designed handle gives better grip for the ROV unit and can only be turned when the handle is pressed down ROV Retrieve Shackle Patent pending