Мокот продает траверсы Gunnebo со склада и под заказ

Lifting/Spreader Beam Sets The Gunnebo Industries beams are assembled with a hinged connection in each end, which enables rotation around the bolt of the upper shackle as illustrated below. This functionality enables the beam to be used with a wide range of sling angles. The Gunnebo Industries beams are named based on applicable class/regulations, end link options and loads, as illustrated below: Beam category Class / Regulations Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC ILO 152 DNV Lifting Appl. 2.22 DNVGL- ST-0377 DNVGL- ST-0378 DNV -OS-H205 NORSOK R-002 DNVGL-ST- E273 CT1 X CT2 X X X X X X X CT3 X X X X X X X X Inspection and Test Plan - X Table 1. Overview on class/regulations compatibility. Table 1 shows that by ordering a CT1 beam type, this will be applicable for use within the criteria of the Machinery Directive. This basically means that the beam can only be used if the lift is carried out by using a crane located on land or on a fixed installation / platform. This beam type cannot be used while operating from i.e. an offshore crane located on a floating vessel. At Gunnebo Industries, we have the expertise to guide you in terms of which certification level is applicable for your upcoming lift. Beam category Beam end link option Beam SWL/WLL CT1 - C - 34 10