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• For safe lifting and transportation of steel (oil) drums • With automatic locking mechanism • Can be used singles or in pairs Art. no. Code Capacity kgs Jaw opening (mm) A B C D E Weight kgs G005627653 CDV 500 0 - 17 129 12 96 15 28 1.6 Drum Clamps, Vertical, CDV Drum Clamps, Horizontal, CDH Repair Sets The repair sets contain: Cam assembly, Locking spring, Cam pin, Pivot set Art. no. Code Cpacity kgs A B C D E F Weight kgs G005627654 CDH 600 300 375 290 80 50 10 7.0 • For lifting, handling and transporting of (oil)drums, where the drums have to stay in a horizontal position. Art. no. Code G005627720 0.75 RSCV G005627722 1 RSCVE G005627724 2 RSCV G005627726 3 RSCV G005627728 4.5 RSCVE For additional sizes and different models, see our main product catalogue or go to our website: www.gunnebolifting.com