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5 Year Warranty Gunnebo Lifting provides a 5 year warranty on lifting clamps. This warranty is applicable to the original end user of the lifting clamps and only if the clamp has been inspected, checked and maintained according to these instructions and by an official dealer. The warranty period of 5 years is valid from the day of purchase, and is liable to all conditions and measurements stated in this document. 1. Conditions This warranty only covers failures of the lifting tools as a consequence of production errors which occur during normal use. The warranty covers no wear to components such as pivots, cam assemblies, lock springs etc. Should there be any kind of failure within this guarantee period, the lifting tool will be replaced or repaired to insight of the procedure. No warranty is given to clamps due to the following failures: • Regular wear and tear • Overload • Wrong and/or careless usage • Damages • Not following procedures and measures • Hoisting different material other then indicated on clamp or stated in the user manual • Adapting and /or modifying of the Gunnebo Lifting clamp • Injudicious use of the clamp and/or the failure to comply to all rules stated in the user manual • When maintenance and/or revision has not been carried out by an authorised Gunnebo Lifting distributor. The producer is not responsible for incidental damage or damage due to use of the lifting tools as well as from violation of this guarantee manual. 2. Procedure Safety Inspection All inspections and repairs must be recorded in the maintenance schedule. This applies not only for your own inspections but also for the inspections which are carried out by your authorised Gunnebo Lifting distributor. When the clamp is returned for maintenance and inspection you must always provide the maintenance schedule. Defective Lifting Clamps When signs of wear or damage are indicated, you must take the following measures: 1. Take the lifting clamp out of use and record the date of failure of the lifting clamp. 2. Try to investigate the cause of the failure, for example: - - Overload - - Wrong and/or careless use These claims stated in no.2 do not fall under the guarantee. To guarantee the security of you and your colleagues you are obliged to follow up this procedure. 3. Return your lifting clamp, with maintenance history, to your authorised Gunnebo Lifting distributor. 4. If the lifting clamp has been serviced / repaired by your distributor, you can safely use your clamp again. Please note this date in your maintenance chart.