Продукция Gunnebo со склада комании MOKOT в РФ

1:6 Traceability Code The traceability code consists of letters and numbers that identifies exactly which plant the product was made in, the year and the batch. This gives us the ability to trace the product back through the manufacturing process, all the way back to the specific raw material. Approved by BG/DGUV Our products have the H32-stamp which means that they are manufactured and approved in accordance to the rules of Berufsgenossenschaft (BG). This is a proof of quality and ensures that the product contributes to the safest possible working environment for both personnel and load. Quality Assurance Each loadbearing component and every chain link are 100% proof loaded during our manufacturing process. Manufacturer Name All our forged components are marked with "Gunnebo Sweden". The Original A History of Innovation In 1764 counsellor Hans Hultman founded Gunnebo Industries in the shape of a hammer- smithy in Småland, Sweden. Today we are an international corporation, well known in many industries all over the world. Gunnebo Industries continuously works with product development and innovations to create the optimal solutions for each lifting situation. Since the early 1950's we have developed products that are today’s standards on the market and copied by almost all manufacturers of lifting equipment. There is however only one original - Gunnebo Industries. With the original you get the perfect fit and smart details. Manufacturer name Traceability code Size and grade Approved by BG G-coupler BK-hook GrabiQ system - grade 10 ROV Retrieve Shackle Johnson Quick Reeve Crane Blocks UKN-hook 1952 1965 1975 1990 2000 2015 1764 1975 SKL/SKLU Component Type, Size and Grade The size and grade is clearly marked on each component, to avoid errors and ensures correct matching of chain and components. Steel from European Suppliers Our components and chain are made only from steel supplies by European suppliers with 100% traceability and quality assurance.