Продукция Gunnebo со склада комании MOKOT в РФ

2 2:3 Components with Multiple Functions Innovative designs that combines several clever functions in one component. Total: 3 GrabiQ components Total: 15 components Midgrab, MIG • Instant mounting, positioning, shortening on any part of the chain. Master Grab, MG • "All-in-one" compact top link • Every chain leg can instantly be altered. • Using the built in shortening function you can alter between a straight lift to a looped sling in a matter of seconds. C-grab Duo, CGD • Built in shortening function. 2-leg sling with shortening function 4-leg sling with shortening function Fewer Components with GrabIQ With GrabIQ the number of components and the weight is significantly reduced: 1 Master link 2 C-grab Duo 1 Master link with 2 Sublinks 8 Berglok Chain Couplers 4 Grab Hooks Total: 1 GrabiQ component 1 Master Grab Duo Total: 7 components 1 Master link 4 Berglok Chain Couplers 2 Grab Hooks