Продукция Gunnebo со склада комании MOKOT в РФ

7:2 All dimensions in mm Chain Tensioner - GT The chain tensioner from Gunnebo Industries, GT, is integral in one set. It is made of high strength Grade 10 material and the ratchet handle contributes to a fast and ergonomic lashing procedure. The GT is fitted with safety pins to prevent unintended release of the threaded end fittings. GT has 25% increased Lashing Capacity (LC) compared to Grade 8 lashings and high Standard Tension force (STF) thanks to the unique ratchet handle . Our chain tensioner is designed to be compatible with the GrabiQ product range, enabling the choice of robust end- hooks with latches. Can also be provided as approved for lifting purposes. Unique Benefits with our Chain Tensioner Open Design • For easier and faster cleaning and lubrication. • Allows dirt to fall through instead of building up. • Two drain holes in the body prevent water residue. Short Handle • Fully protected ratched mechanism with 8 steps per 90 degree pull, enabling use in very narrow spaces. • Easy to change direction. • The rubber handle decreases the risk of slipping and is convenient in cold climates. Trapezoidal Thread • Makes the thread less sensitive to dirt and particles. • Low-friction treated for trouble free operation. • Makes lashing faster. • Safety pins prevents unintended unwinding.