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6:14 Wire Rope Sheaves Johnson Sheaves are highly trusted and popular, in its own right and as the original equipment preferred by several of the main rig and crane manufacturers. Johnson Sheaves can be divided and described in the following categories: • Conventional cast steel and ductile iron sheaves, which range in size from 3 to 14 inches in O.D. • Revolutionary ForgeFab ® – a superior strength line of wire rope sheaves which can be supplied without long delays. The ForgeFab ® sheaves will add value through increased product life, for the sheave as well as the wire rope, and gives the user the advantage of flexibility in field. Standard features • 80 - 2740 mm sheave diameters • 6 - 80 mm wire rope sizes • Cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, ForgeFab® steel types. Optional features • Custom designs to customer shaft, bearing mounting, hub, sheave O.D. or wire rope size requirement. • Electroplate inorganic zinc compound and other corrosion resistant coatings available. • Hub-located grease fittings • Modifications as required to API and other applicable industry standards. • Special shaft, furnished for any sheave listed. • AISE No. 6 specifications. • Cold weather properties. What Makes ForgeFab ® Superior? Each ForgeFab ® sheave begins as driven, precision disc cut from proprietary chemistry alloy steel plate. The steel disc is heated to forging temperature and its edge rotated against a system of staged rollers to forge the sheave rim and wire rope groove. A precisely machined hub is arc welded to the forged disc. A variety of welding techniques is used, including: fillet, submerged arc, partial penetration and full penetration, depending on the application. The result: A precision built ForgeFab ® sheave, resistant to wear giving a long product life span as well as decreased wear on the wire rope. Finish bored sheave Bronze bushed sheave Roller bearing without inner race Dimensional Information • Wire line diameter • Sheave outside diameter (A) • Bore size, if plain or finished bore (E) • Hub width (G) • Hub outside diameter (T) • Shaft size with bearing (E) • Rim width (C) • Tread diameter Bearing Options • Finish/Plain bore • Bronzed bushing • Roller bearing • Tapered roller bearing • Ball bearing • Full complement cylindri- cal roller bearing Are there other Requirements? • Flame hardened groove (Standard on 16” or larger.) • Hardness level • Paint or Finish requirements • DVR (Design Verification Review) by a 3rd party • Third Party Inspection/Approval Type of Application • Description • Line load • Line speed • Degree of wrap • Fleet angle • Weight restrictions Information Needed for Quotation