Продукция Gunnebo со склада комании MOKOT в РФ

1 1:9 1. Forging 2. Machining 3. Heat Treatment 6. Painting 5. Testing 4. Assembly 1. Outstanding Quality Level • All relevant certification standards including DNV, ISO and NS9415. • Unique practice consisting of 100% testing and full traceability. • All products are proof loaded to 200-250% of the working load limit. • Extensive testing and inspection process. 2. World-Class Manufacturing Process • Automated state-of-the-art production sites. • Fully integrated manufacturing process with all critical processes in-house. • Full traceability from finished product to raw material. 3. Technical Expertise • System design creating operational efficiency through time and weight savings, as well as increased flexibility. • Design expertise and outstanding customer service. • Our own R&D department. 4. Heritage of Innovation • Many of the products that are today’s industry standard have been developed by Gunnebo Industries, with innovation since 1764. Quality, Technology & Innovation